Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory Services

Access to new markets, extension of cooperation with existing Clients, costs of relocation or outsourcing processes, purchase of buildings or companies, are only some of the elements which must be considered when undertaking strategic investment decisions. A crucial role is played by a strategic concept, since when purchasing a company or planning an investment or expansion, it is necessary to examine the external market and thoroughly prepare for the entire process.

Afrilex Transaction Advisory conducts multivariate analyses on the basis of which they prepare suitable plans and guidelines for our Clients, which are necessary for implementation of their strategy and development.

We offer the following strategic advisory services to our Clients:

    • Determination of an optimal form of development, selected out of possible variants and market scenarios;
    • Development of market entry strategies;
    • Reviewing already prepared market entry plans.
    • Preparation of market entry plans and business plans;
    • Provision of support in strategic control;
    • Development of alternative investment concepts;
    • Workshops and advice on direct investments to Tanzania and Rwanda.

Afrilex Transaction Advisory’s role is not limited to the definition of strategy – we also support our Clients in its effective implementation and monitoring of results.


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